Saturday, March 1, 2008

new plan of action

How long would it take me, to cross the united states all alone? well that is a question that I will attempt to answer in August (except it will be with Will). The tentative plan of action is after warped tour, upon my return to new york, Will and I will ride our bikes from NY to Seattle. Once in Seattle we will find a house/apartment and live there. Basically a sea change. Not sure if I'm one hundred percent fond of the idea because I do love New York, but at the same time I think it important to stay with Will. A Pro of moving to seattle is that I can most likely intern at the public radio station there--getting my foot in the door.
On another note, I am reading The master and Margharita at the moment and I am absolutely in love with the writing and intelligence of it. I'm surprised I had not discovered this earlier. Existentialism is my A Priori at the moment, which is an interesting contradiction, but somehow I follow.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

the old man and the sea

well, Hemingway summed it up for me. "I went out too far." "You can destroy a man but you can not defeat him." Fuck yeah. People feel the need to share in their experiences which is granted--honestly how can something exist without the approval of acknowledgment of someone else--but we must atone for our own accomplishments and be comfortable with our own struggles. In a lot of ways relationships are bad. They dilute and discourage the strength one should have with himself. I continue to feel the need to share my accomplishments with others--hence the blog--but as I sink deeper into reclusiveness I start to feel comfortable with the solace. I will overcome, even if all I carry at my sides are the skeletons of my accomplishments.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

post lunar eclipse

My mind is the opening of my soul and it is wounded. I am not going to validate that abstraction, but nonetheless I am in the healing process. I am at the Gym everyday. I know, "The Gym" sounds very lame but I am getting fit; this is important to growing. I also am reading like a mad man. In the last week alone I have read The Crying of Lot 49, Pynchon; Anthem, Ann Rynd; Portrait of An Artist as a young man, Joyce. I am now juggling a few books: A People's History of The United States, Existentialism is Humanism, and Old Man in The Sea. What this post is mostly about is the publicizing of my goals. Yes. My Life goals as I see them now--obviously up to change, but it is good--existentialism tells me so--to jot down ideas so they can come to fruition.

-Get my PHD in English.
-Star in a movie.
-Play warped tour.
-Sign to a Major Label.
-Get a six pack.
-Work for NPR.
-Write a novel and have it published.
-Run a Marathon.
-Start an online Blog and forum for my friends.

Well, that is a start. I better get started. Warped tour and major label seem like a safe bet. I'm working on the six pack and marathon. This seems like a very possible list, I just need to get going on it. Keep coming back if you want to stay updated on how I succeed. If anyone anywhere ever reads this. haha.