Saturday, March 1, 2008

new plan of action

How long would it take me, to cross the united states all alone? well that is a question that I will attempt to answer in August (except it will be with Will). The tentative plan of action is after warped tour, upon my return to new york, Will and I will ride our bikes from NY to Seattle. Once in Seattle we will find a house/apartment and live there. Basically a sea change. Not sure if I'm one hundred percent fond of the idea because I do love New York, but at the same time I think it important to stay with Will. A Pro of moving to seattle is that I can most likely intern at the public radio station there--getting my foot in the door.
On another note, I am reading The master and Margharita at the moment and I am absolutely in love with the writing and intelligence of it. I'm surprised I had not discovered this earlier. Existentialism is my A Priori at the moment, which is an interesting contradiction, but somehow I follow.

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